Oliver Schlossarek

»Censorious, convincing und established.«

Oliver Schlossarek is a strategic thinker, conscientious and loyal.

Special characteristics:

Whatever situation a company finds itself in he is able to draw helpful conclusions and suggest the right actions. His meticulous research enables him to prepare informative trainings that are real eye openers. Oliver´s goal as a systemic coach is to turn delegates into active participants.

Focus areas:

  • Freelance consultant, trainer and coach since 2000
  • Partner of NEEB Consulting since 2012
  • Seminar language: German
  • Focus topics:
    • Consulting of Organisations
    • Personnel development / Personnel selection
    • Moderation of (change) process
    • Moderation of events
    • Rhetoric ans presentation
    • Prophylaxis of stress and burn-out
    • Sales


  • Certified NLP-Trainer (DVNLP)
  • Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Society of NLP, USA)
  • Certified Coach (DVNLP) - systemic further training
  • sudden relaxation with Trophotraining®